Thursday, July 28, 2011

LTCG sponsors Gambo in Niger, Africa! Welcome to our family Gambo! We can make a difference!

                At LTCG we place a strong emphasis on cultivating a sense of civic duty via involvement in communities both local and international. One of our philanthropic activities involves the sponsorship of a child, Gambo Salaou, who is living in Niger.     
Gambo lives in a poor rural community in an extremely challenging environment. The contributions we make affect Gambou’s quality of life and that of the community he lives in. Our sponsorship helps to increase access to clean and safe drinking water, improved health care, and the opportunity to attend school.            
Gambo is now seven years old and lives with his parents, two brothers, and three sisters. His father is a farmer and struggles to provide for his large family. Their home is made of clay bricks and mud for mortar. For roofing they use straw. From March to September the temperature is in the 100s and from October to February drops to the 50s. Their diet mainly consists of millet, corn, sorghum, beans, and groundnuts. Inoculation against many common diseases is very important as there is a high rate of mortality in this region. We are able to write to Gambo on a regular basis.
In this increasingly interconnected world we believe that it is imperative to be aware of what is happening in places such as Niger. The nonprofit organization that is doing the work on the ground in Niger is changing lives and we will continue to support them through our sponsorship of Gambou. Moving forwards we plan to sponsor more children and hope others will seek to do the same.
World Vision is a great organization that puts 100% into their beliefs and values.
Please check out their site and sponser a child today!